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ADT Unreal SDK API reference

Last updated on October 2, 2023


AccelByte Development Toolkit's (ADT) Unreal SDK API gives you access to ADT tools and features such as crash reporting, custom user data collection, system profiling, etc. You don't need to add any code to your game for several features of the ADT Unreal SDK. Other features, such as video recording, do need additional code added to your game.

API list

Add include "BlackBoxSDKModule.h" to your code to access these APIs.

You can interact with ADT using the ADT Unreal SDK interface IAccelByteBlackBoxSDKModuleInterface::Get().

API NameDescription
Start()Start the SDK module main functionality.
Tick(float DeltaTime)A tick executes callbacks and checks the helper presence on the computer. This needs to be called every frame so that SDK callbacks are made.
Stop()Stop all SDK functions
FeedKeyBoardInput(APlayerController* PlayerController)Enable the subtitle button on the crash video.
UpdateAdditionalInfo(FString FieldName, FString Value)Call this function to add/overwrite additional custom key-value pairs to your crash information. It appears on the Crash Event under the General tab.
DeleteAdditionalInfoField(FString FieldName)Delete additional info by key.
EmptyAdditionalInfo()Clear the additional information.
GetAdditionalInfoValue(FString FieldName)Read a field value of additional information.
EnableLog(bool Enable)Enable the logging functionality of the SDK. If you called this function after calling Start(), the system ignores the value set in the ADT Unreal SDK Settings.
SetLogCallbackSeverity(uint8 MaxLogSeverity)Set the log severity level. If you set this value after calling Start(), the system ignores the values set in the ADT Unreal SDK Settings.

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