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Introduction to legal compliance

Last updated on August 14, 2023


We understand that, as a game developer, you want to focus on creating amazing games and not worry about the legal and technical aspects of data protection and compliance. AccelByte is here to help you. We are committed to complying data protection regulations, such as GDPR, and providing you with the services and features you need to meet your obligations.

Key features

With AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS), you can easily manage your data protection and compliance needs with these features:

  • GDPR service: provides you abilities to respond to player requests of receiving a copy of their personal data or having their data deleted.

  • Legal agreement service: helps you manage legal documents, such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, End User License Agreement (EULA), etc. These documents are essential for establishing the rules and expectations between you and your users, as well as protecting your rights and liabilities.

  • Age restrictions: allows you to set an age gate for account creation in different countries or regions.


While we can help you with the technical aspects of data protection and compliance, we cannot provide you with legal advice. We recommend that you consult a legal professional to ensure your compliance with specific legal regulations.