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Introduction to Extend Events handler

Last updated on April 22, 2024

Extend is in Open Beta for AGS Premium Clients! This means that the Extend add-on is available for you to try in your development environment. You can submit your feedback via our Extend Open Beta feedback form.


The Events Handler is an Extend feature designed to streamline the process of executing custom logic in response to specific events within AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS). By leveraging this capability, game developers can effortlessly enhance gameplay experiences and eliminate the need for frequent game client updates and execute server authoritative action.


  1. Seamless Custom Logic Execution: With the Events Handler, game developers gain the ability to execute custom logic based on predetermined events occurring within the backend system. By offloading this responsibility to the backend, developers can focus on crafting engaging gameplay mechanics without burdening the game client. This approach enhances overall performance and improves the gaming experience.

  2. Elimination of Game Client Updates: Implementing custom logic changes traditionally required updating the game client, resulting in time-consuming development cycles and potential disruptions for players. However, by utilizing the Events Handler, developers can introduce custom logic modifications directly within the backend system. This eliminates the need for game client updates, allowing for agile and efficient development processes.

API Events

You can find all events that can be listened to under the section on API Events.

Event Descriptor

You can find the a Protocol Buffers (protobuf) file that serves as an event descriptor in the GitHub repo.

You can also find proto file link in each event listed on API Events.