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What's New 2023.1

Last updated on February 12, 2024

AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) release version 2023.1 includes the following component versions:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.23.0

  • ADT Hub v0.19.0

  • ADT SDK v2.24.0

  • ADT CLI v2.14.0

See ADT Documentation for details.

Release highlights

Hub: Upload a test result file

In our new ADT Hub, we implemented a feature called Upload Test Results. This feature helps QAs upload test results on a build and mark it as NOT STABLE, STABLE WITH NOTE, or STABLE. When you upload test results, other team members can download them and see the status of the build.

Learn more about uploading test results.

Hub: Bandwidth throttle

We implemented a bandwidth throttle in our ADT Hub to manage network congestion. When too many users try to transfer data over a network simultaneously, the network can slow down, resulting in a poor user experience. By implementing bandwidth throttling, ADT Hub can limit the amount of data users transfer over the network, helping reduce congestion and ensuring all users have access to a fair share of bandwidth.

Learn more about Bandwidth throttle.

Hub: Delete build

Use the Delete Build feature to easily remove builds on ADT through the Hub or Web. When you delete builds that you no longer need, you free up valuable storage in your user namespace and avoid unnecessary storage costs.


  • Web: Admins can rename the version and build.
  • Web: You can search versions on the issues page.

Bug Fixes

  • Hub: We fixed the + icon to add a new launch argument.
  • Hub: We fixed the missing developer account in the group channel.

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