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What's New 2023.2.2

Last updated on May 27, 2024

General updates

Component versions

AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) release version 2023.2.2 includes the following component versions:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.24.31
  • ADT Hub v0.20.3
  • ADT SDK v2.25.2
  • ADT CLI v2.16.0

Release highlights

ADT support email

We noticed that, in several cases, the contact support shows as the support email. We've corrected this and recommend that you contact ADT support at for customer support.

Updating launch arguments

Previously, you could only add launch arguments to a build during the upload with the following command.

.\BlackBoxCLI.exe build upload-binaries --entry-point MyGame.exe --launch-arguments <the build launch argument>` --namespace avengers --apikey 0e1dc3ef83d04eaeb1672bfd44889c04_UXm5R52wAfjcEnQOzVw99oAl1uQ1hRZ --game-engine "D:\Epic Games\UE_5.0" --game-project "C:\Users\<your_computer_name>\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject" --game-archive "C:\Users\<your_computer_name>\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Packaged\0.0.2-Windows"

In this release, we've added the ability to update, delete, and read when the build binary has been uploaded.

Main CommandSub CommandOptions and Parameters
launch arguments--helpContains information on how to use the launch arguments command.
update--launch-argumentsReplace the current launch arguments in specific build with the new launch arguments.
--helpContains information on how to update the launch arguments command.
delete--launch-argumentsRemoves the launch arguments in specific build.
--helpContains information on how to delete the launch arguments command.
read--launch-argumentsReturns the existing launch arguments in specific build.
--helpContains information on how to use the read launch arguments command.

Use cases

You can use these commands to manage, update, delete, and read launch arguments.

Update currently used launch arguments

Use this command to update using the version ID and build ID.

.\blackboxcli.exe launch-arguments update --launch-arguments <launch arg1, launch arg2, ...> --namespace <your_namespace> --apikey <your_apikey> --version-id <version_id> --build-id <build_id>

Delete currently used launch arguments

Use this command to delete using version ID and build ID.

.\blackboxcli.exe launch-arguments delete --namespace <your_namespace> --apikey <your_apikey> --version-id <version_id> --build-id <build_id>

Read the currently used launch arguments

Use this command to read using version ID and build ID.

.\blackboxcli.exe launch-arguments read --namespace <your_namespace> --apikey <your_apikey> --version-id <version_id> --build-id <build_id>

Smart builds cancel mechanism

The smart build process is now instantly canceled when facing an HTTP error (e.g., internet connection loss) during upload or download command execution. With this mechanism, the CLI won't get stuck in uploading state. You can re-run the command to continue the process.

Smart builds cancel mechanism

Special characters on display names

We noticed that special characters in display names are often displayed either as question marks (?) or blanks in emails, on the ADT Web UI, and hub apps. In this version, we've enabled special characters on the users' display names to be generated as is.

Login type and Role filtering on the Access Management page

A lot of the users are maximizing the SSO features like Google Suite, Microsoft Azure, Okta, and Email + Password login types. The filter helps you in tracking which accounts are using the feature in case you want to upgrade or downgrade the Role. The Role can also be filtered to ease you in finding accounts from the list of users.

Filter accounts by Azure SSO login type:

Filter accounts by Azure SSO

Filter accounts by Azure SSO login type and Admin role:

Filter accounts by Azure SSO and admin role

Bug fixes


  • Fixed the issue of Crash Reporter not responding after clicking the Send button in an editor build.
  • Fixed total download size calculation showing more than the real binary size on smart builds.
  • Fixed the issue on unable to continue unfinished or interrupted uploads in the same build ID on smart builds.
  • Fixed two issues that could lead to the .pak file being staged incorrectly when repackaging the build on smart builds.
  • Fixed staging progress seems to stagnate by adding detailed progress to the ADT Web UI. This enables users to track the staging progress during downloads on smart builds.
  • Fixed the stalling issue for some users when updating the build by changing the update behavior. Instead of replacing the previous build, the new flow will now uninstall the previous build first, and then download the update.
  • Fixed BlackBoxSDK's folder structure to adhere to the Unreal Engine plugin structure. Instead of having include as the BlackBoxSDK's subfolder, we moved the include folder to under the Source folder.
  • Fixed ADT Hub auto update feature is installing one build numerous times and filling up disk space rapidly.