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What's New 2023.0.1

Last updated on June 13, 2024

AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) release version 2023.0.1 includes the following component versions:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.22.0

  • ADT Hub v0.18.0

  • ADT SDK v2.23.10

  • ADT CLI v2.13.2

See ADT Documentation for more details.

Release highlights

  • Web: Usage Stats page under the Namespace The usage stats page is a reference for user cost and provides details on namespace usage. The usage stats page displays important namespace metrics. Some of the key metrics you can expect to see are:

  • Registered accounts

  • Storage usage

  • Monthly data transfer

Learn more about the Usage Statistics page here. Image shows the User statistics page

  • Web & Hub: Role Adjustment To streamline and simplify the user roles in the AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT), we combined the roles of Developer and QA into the Dev role. This change provides a clearer, more concise system for users where they can easily identify the level of access and functions available to them within ADT. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, contact the System Administrator. Visit the role adjustment changes documentation to learn more.

  • Web: Notification layout changes and new crash type options Users can choose the crash types they prefer when creating a notification.

Conditional Rules on the Edit Notification Step 2 of 3 page

  • Web: We fixed the permission issue when using this API key: config.NAMESPACE:{namespace}:GAME:{gameId}:*

  • Hub: New Search box on the channel subscribe list. To search the channel, input a Keyword and press Enter.

  • Hub: Changes to the card layout on the Overview and Version pages

  • Hub: Column size changes

  • Hub: Refresh button on the Overview page

  • Hub: Broken Help & Support links fixed

  • SDK: The system no longer detects the SDK as a virus

  • CLI: We fixed the spam logging Failed to get Issue Reporter Hotkey.

  • CLI: We addressed the race condition that causes Error 409. Previously, if the race condition happened when you ran the find-or-register command, it created several builds with similar names but different IDs.

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