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What's New 2023.3.2

Last updated on January 16, 2024

General updates

Release date: October 11th, 2023

Component versions

The 2023.3.2 patch release contains the following component versions:

  • ADT Hub v1.0.4
  • ADT SDK v2.27.1
  • ADT CLI v2.18.1

Bug fixes

  • Hub: Brought back the local launch argument.
  • Hub: Brought back the details if there is an updated head of a track.
  • Hub: Fixed the ADT Hub new installation of a build defaulting to a blank field.
  • Hub: Fixed the manual update not working when updating the build to an identical build.
  • Hub: Fixed the race condition when the user sets auto-update to one same build for multiple tracks.
  • Hub: Greyed out the auto update on an empty track.
  • CLI: Fixed the inability to repair the build when accidentally deleting the PAK folder/files from the game binary folder.