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What's New 2023.2.1

Last updated on June 5, 2024

General updates

Component versions

AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) release version 2023.2.1 includes the following component versions:

  • ADT Web Portal v1.24.25
  • ADT Hub v0.20.1
  • ADT SDK v2.25.1
  • ADT CLI v2.15.

Unreal 5.2 support

This release adds full support for Unreal 5.2. This allows developers to build and use ADT on their games that are using 5.2.

Last login date

In order to make management of users easier we added a last login date column to accounts page. This date lets you work out which users are regularly using ADT and whether you want to demote or remove inactive users.

Bulk account deletion

Up until now, if you had a lot of users you wanted to remove from ADT you had to do it one by one creating a slow and tedious process. We've now added the ability to build delete users making it faster and easier.

bulk account deletion

User role adjustment

We've made some changes to the permissions for the developer role. This gives the developer role the ability to perform certain actions that they could not previously perform:

  • On ADT Hub:

    • Access, create, modify, and delete group channels.
    • Create, select build, and start the Playtest.
    • Delete unnecessary builds through ADT Hub.
  • On ADT Web:

    • Delete unnecessary builds through ADT Web.
    • Modify the Game Settings menu. i.e., change the game's name, edit global crash configs, and add/edit API Key.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue in the SDK where the crash video duration doesn't match the video duration specified in ADT web.
  • Fixed being unable to upload the linux server build through our CLI.