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Create a game

Last updated on 9/7/2023, 1:21:34 AM


This guide shows you how to upload your first game to the AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) Web.

Create and upload a game

  1. Download ADT Hub using the link in your invitation email, or by clicking here. Fill in your Namespace (studio name) and click Continue.

  2. Log in with the credentials in your invitation email.

  3. Click +Add Game.

  4. Fill in the name of your game. It should be alphanumeric and can include spaces, dashes, and underscores.

  5. Click Add. The system directs you to the API Key window.

  6. Copy the API Key for your new game to the clipboard, then save it to a file.


    This is the only opportunity you'll have to copy and preserve the API Key.