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Drag and drop binaries upload

Last updated on April 5, 2024


AccelByte Development Toolkit's (ADT) drag and drop feature enables developers to easily upload and distribute builds.

This guide shows you how to drag and drop build files to the ADT Build Distro, then upload them to the tracks.

Upload game binaries through drag-and-drop

  1. Log in to ADT Hub. The tutorial to upload a binary using drag and drop starts.

  2. Select the folder where you stored the executable build (.exe, .pkg, .xvc). The Upload Single Build menu displays.

  3. Check the name of the executable files and the platform to make sure they're correct, then click Upload.

    ADT's Upload Single Build window

This method is only shown once during the onboarding. To perform drag and drops on a track, see Upload game binaries using drag and drop.