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Collect crashes with ADT Error Reporting

Last updated on 8/28/2023, 5:05:32 AM


This guide shows you how to send crash reports from your Unreal game to the AccelByte Development Toolkit’s (ADT) Error Reporting. Before following these instructions, ensure that you’ve integrated ADT into your Unreal project.

Access ADT Error Reporting here: ADT This image shows a window where the Top 5 and Latest Crashes are displayed

Implement ADT Error Reporting

  1. Enable Editor Symbols for Debugging.
  2. Download the ADT SDK & CLI.
  3. Integrate with the ADT SDK.
  4. Configure the Unreal CrashReporterClient.
  5. Create a game version and register the build.
  6. Package the build and upload it to a Program Debug Database (PDB).

Test your setup.