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Build package and PDB upload

Last updated on April 5, 2024


This guide shows you how to package a build and upload the PDB file.

  1. Repackage your project and save the output to the {GAME_OUTPUT_FOLDER}.

  2. When the package process completes, create .exe and .pdb files here: {GAME_OUTPUT_FOLDER}\WindowsNoEditor\{PROJECT_NAME}\Binaries\Win64.

  3. Create a version and register the build in ADT. The ADT CLI points to the new version and build.

  4. Run this command to upload the PDB of the new build you packaged.

    .\blackboxcli.exe upload
    --namespace <your-namespace>
    --apikey <your-api-key>
    --game-project <your-project-path>
    --game-engine <your-installed-engine-path>
    --game-archive <your-packaged-game-path>


    .\blackboxcli.exe upload --namespace avengers --apikey 0e1dc3ef83d04eaeb1672bfd44889c04_UXm5R52wAfjcEnQOzVw99oAl1uQ1hRZ --game-project "C:\Users\setya_accelbyte\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject" --game-engine "D:\Epic Games\UE_5.0" --game-archive "C:\Users\setya_accelbyte\Documents\Unreal Projects\MyProject\Packaged\0.0.4-Windows"

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