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Invite team members

Last updated on April 5, 2024


This guide shows you how to invite team members to download builds you've uploaded to AccelByte Developer Toolkit (ADT) Hub. Invitees get an invitation email with a link to download ADT Hub along with their credentials to log in as a Standard User.

Invite users to your builds

  1. Download and launch ADT with the credentials in your invitation email.

  2. Log in to ADT Hub. The tutorial for inviting team members to download a build starts.

  3. Upload the Build you want to share.

  4. Input the team member's email address to invite them as a User (Standard User).

  5. Click Share. The system sends the invitation email to the invitee.

This method only shown once during the onboarding, to add more accounts, follow the instructions on Manage user accounts document.