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What's New 2024.1

Last updated on May 27, 2024

General updates

Release date: March 5th, 2024

Component versions

The AccelByte Development Toolkit (ADT) 2024.1 main release contains the following component version:

  • ADT Web v1.26.0
  • ADT Hub v1.1.0
  • ADT SDK v2.28.2
  • ADT CLI v2.21.0

Simplified ADT login flow

You can now log in to ADT Web using your email address and password or by using single sign-on methods. You will no longer be asked to type in your namespace first. For more information, see Log in to ADT Web.

Channel statistics report

To provide insights into the performance of your distribution channels, we have added Channel Stats reports to ADT Hub. This reporting feature empowers you to analyze key metrics on build downloads, play sessions, and total playtime to identify trends and optimize your channel strategy for maximum impact. For more information, see View channel stats reports page.

New channel and track CLI commands

With this release, we are re-introducing CLI commands that are equivalent to the current ADT Hub layout, which you can use for automation purposes in your daily development cycle. For more information, see Manage channels and tracks using CLI page.

New local cache proxy UI

In pursuit of continuous improvement, we have refined the procedure for saving the local cache proxy value. This revision is reflected in the updated user interface elements as shown below.

Old UI

Old UI

New UI

Once the server IP address is verified, ADT Hub will no longer show the Save button as the value is automatically saved after it is verified.

New UI

Removed the Play button on the console platform

We've noticed the Play button often leads to misunderstandings about build versions. To address this, we've simplified the process by removing the Play button on all consoles. Consoles will now focus on deploying builds, guaranteeing everyone works with the latest version.

Removed Play Button

Bug Fixes

  • Web: Fixed the issue on the Roles and Permission's Learn More button redirecting to the wrong link.
  • Web: Fixed the issue of the developer role missing access on the SDK, Symbol Client Proxy, and Local Cache Server.
  • Web: Limited the crash number to 1,000 per day and spread the limit per hour. If the crash limit is set to 1,000, each time slot has a quota of 1,000/24 hours = 42 crashes per hour. During the first hour, 10 crashes are received. The remaining crash has now been reduced to 990. A recalculation is done, and each time slot now has a quota of 990/23 = 43 crashes.
  • Hub: Fixed the issue on the Launch Argument being overridden when using Play with AccelByte Gaming Services (AGS).
  • Hub: Fixed the auto-update issue on Smart Builds.
  • Hub: Showed error toast when having network error on the Channel Page.
  • Hub: Sorted the Subscribed channels to display alphabetically (ASC).
  • Hub: Fixed the Squirrel error that appears when there is an update.
  • CLI: Fixed the Linux unsupported OpenSSL 1.1.
  • CLI: Deprecated old build-channel commands.
  • CLI: Fixed the issue causing the CLI to not accept version names with special characters (such as "/") when adding versions.
  • CLI: Reduced log spam when uploading.

Known issues

We are aware of some issues that may impact your experience. We are actively working on resolving them. For more details, please see ADT known issues list.